Pebble is a gay, hluking hunched giant, aka "Maur", that was found by Blast Flashing in the caves beneath Hill's Edge. They became quick friends.


Maur, TN Large/Huge Giant
STR[25/31] INT[16] | FORT[16/20] | A.C.[22/26] | H.P.[125/150]
DEX…[10] WIS[17] | REF [04/08] | TCH.[12/12] | BAB.[08,03]
CON[20/26] CHA[17] | WILL[07/11] | F.F.[26/22] | GRP.[24/27]

Melee:[15,15/18,18] Huge Masterwork Warhammer (2D8+10/15);(x3)

Darkvision 60 ft, Low-Light Vision,Monkey Grip
Unfurled Might: as a standard action, the Hunched Giant can stretch out, becoming a huge Giant. While out stretched, the Maur gains +6 to strength and constitution, a +4 circumstance bonus to AC, +4 on saving throws, and a +4 DC to his Tunnel Scream Ability. Performing this action requires a ceiling 20 feet or higher and cannot be held for longer than 10 rounds per day.
Tunnel Scream: 1/day, the Maur can emit a loud scream in a 60 foot cone area. This scream deals 10d6 sonic damage, stuns creatures for 1 round, and deafens them for 4d6 rounds. succeeding on a DC [20/24] fortitude save ignores the effect and allows half damage.

Spell Like Abilities (Caster Level 15):
1/day: Call Lightning (DC 16), Chain Lightning (DC 19)
2/day: Meld into Stone, Move Earth, Spider Climb



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