Gorus Toth

Gorus Toth is the understudy of Ynos Till, leader of the Red Wizard's Enclave of Hill's Edge. He can usuallu be found manning the counter at their shop.


STR[08] INT[18] | FORT[05] | A.C.[24] | H.P.[40]
DEX[14] WIS[10] | REF [05] | TCH.[14] | BAB.[04]
CON[14] CHA[12] | WILL[07] | F.F.[22] | GRP.[03]

Melee:[+04] +1 dagger (1D401)
Ranged:[+07] +1 light crossbow (1D8)

Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Itme, Craft Wand, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Tatoo Focus, Combat Casting, Enchantment School Specialization, Necromancy Prohibited

Concetration18; Diplomacy08; Knowledge: Arcana17; Spellcraft16; Use Magic Device11; Spot11


5’9”; right-handed; 28 years-old; 145 lbs.

-Gorus is always grumbling under his breath when Ynos orders him around.
-He likes hunting small animals on his free time with magic missiles. He considers it sporting to use a spell that never misses.
-He can often be found cleaning the shop thoroughly as per Ynos’s request

Gorus Toth

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