Ginger Breaker

Ginger Breaker works as the head brewer at the Rusty Ham Tavern in the Market District of Hill's Edge. He is a wide-eyed, red-haired, freckled adolescent dwarf who loves experimenting on old recipes and developing new ones. He is constantly asking patrons


Ginger Breaker is from a small dwarven town in the Western Hearlands known for their farming and seasonal style of brewing. His father owned a hop and barley plantation along with the largest farmhouse brewery in the settlement. When he was old enough, Ginger decided to take his knowledge of traditional brewing on the road. He stayed temporarily in such cities as Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep learning about regional favorites and techniques. It was at a small in off the main road that he ran into Tony Truco, headhunter for the town of Hill’s Edge. Tony told him of a wonderful job opening as the head brewer of the Rustyham Tavern, it being the largest in Hill’s Edge.

So off he went, notebook of recipes in hand, to speak to the owner, Blast Flashing about the position.

Ginger Breaker

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